This section contains glossaries full of terms you might encounter in readings about mines. Files of the glossaries provided on the left are attached below.
Mine site terms.docx Mine site terms.docx
Size : 20.182 Kb
Type : docx
Mine Terminolog-Job descriptions.docx Mine Terminolog-Job descriptions.docx
Size : 16.096 Kb
Type : docx
Mine Terminolog-saftey.docx Mine Terminolog-saftey.docx
Size : 12.232 Kb
Type : docx
Mine terminology Organizations.docx Mine terminology Organizations.docx
Size : 12.147 Kb
Type : docx
Mine terminology.docx Mine terminology.docx
Size : 16.981 Kb
Type : docx
Mining terminology-geological.docx Mining terminology-geological.docx
Size : 15.521 Kb
Type : docx
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