A petition from the Chain Gang at Newcastle to Captain Furlong

by Francis MacNamara

With reverence and submission due

Kind sir those words are sent to you

And with them a good wish too

Long may you reign

And like Wellington at Waterloo

Fresh laurels gain

Your petitioners are under thy care

In mercy therefore hear our prayer

Nor let us wallow in despair

But soothe each pang

But allow no flogger to prepare

Food for your gang

'Tis said that by your ordination

Our late cook lost his situation

And Duffy is in nomination

His berth to fill

But has not got our approbation

Nor never will

Your judgement Sire, put to good use

Nor burthen us with foul abuse

Full long we've drunk the dregs and juice

Of black despair

Yet we can find another screw loose

Or two somewhere.

Our jaws now daily will grow thinner.

And stomachs weak, as I'm a sinner

For Duffy is a human skinner

Most barbarous wretch

Each day I'd rather have my dinner

Cooked by Jack Ketch

It matters not whether salt or fresh,

Even his touch would spoil each dish

His cooking we never can relish

We'd rather starve

For be assured 'tis human flesh

He best can carve 

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